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Idea for a Star Trek Episode :StarfleetInsignia: Show more

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Tesla workers speak out : 'Anything pro-union is shut down really fast'

Elon Musk has said he is ‘neutral’ about a union but former employees blame their firing on their efforts to organize while current workers say a ‘culture of fear’ persists

For two years Dezzimond Vaughn was a well-regarded worker at the Tesla factory in Lathrop, California. Then he became involved in trying to organize a union and suddenly his job was (...)

My instance seems to have cut ties with the Fediverse. What’s going on?

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@aral Glad to be helping out with that then. Thanks for the inspiration to set up my own instance. Yeah it's OK for cycling. I miss all the old waggonways and offroad paths around Tyneside though.

Trying to rustle up some feelings of sympathy for Elon Musk and his excruciating year. Failing.

GDPR should be giving Facebook's Europe office nightmares, but I'm sure it isn't

Self-driving cars are designed for the kind of street that no-one wants to live on but everyone wants to drive through. If we want livable cities we need fewer of these and more streets that have precisely the sort of disorder that AI can’t handle.

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The Mastodon bridge tool can be used to find Twitter friends in the Mastodon network

Well I just managed to delete all the data on this Mastodon instance simply by upgrading it via Git and running db:migrate. I think the documentation still needs a bit of work. In the meantime I'll investigate backing up Docker containers.

Mastodon is one server in the network